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What is Go The Limit?

Go The Limit is an informal group of citizens who are vitally concerned about US energy and climate change policies.  We are envisioning a series of events whereby groups of careful drivers save energy while drawing attention to our cause by driving at, or near, the posted speed limit on the highway.  (We assume no liability for the actions of others.)

Why are you doing this?

We believe taking this action on the highways, if done properly, can be a safe, carbon-neutral and effective way to draw attention to the problem of climate change. Under the circumstances, we also see it as an expression of our First Amendment rights.

Why don't you mention energy or climate on the cars?

Energy and climate are complex issues. They have also become polarized and politicized through the misinformation efforts of the fossil fuel industry. We do not wish to antagonize misinformed citizens (or others) on the highway, possibly causing a dangerous situation for those involved.

Do you honestly think Go The Limit will do any good?

We believe drawing attention to US energy and climate change policies in a carbon- neutral way has the power, if widely practiced, to raise public awareness about a stealthy and critically important problem that has been given too little attention by our leaders. We realize that some people may feel inconvenienced if slowed by our action, and that this could turn some people off in the near term. Longer term, as the consequences of inaction become more apparent, we believe most Americans will be grateful.

If you want people to reduce emissions why are you driving a bunch of cars?

Our GoTheLimit actions will actually be carbon neutral if properly done, since the fuel saving realized by the slowed vehicles will more than offset the fuel consumption of the activists' vehicles. Typically, according to government studies, a vehicle slowed by 10 to 15 MPH will consume about 15 to 20 percent less fuel per mile. Depending on the speeds and the fuel efficiencies of the various vehicles, only a handful of cars may need to be slowed in order for the entire action to become carbon neutral. 

Aren't you putting people in danger with these suggested actions?

First of all, safety for everyone involved is our primary concern.  Go The Limit action drivers are asked to, and are expected to, immediately yield the right of way to police, to emergency vehicles, or to anyone exhibiting any signs of road rage.  At the same time, in the larger picture, danger is a relative concept.  Specifically, we do not think it is a good idea to put hundreds- (or even tens-) of millions of Americans in danger, plus countless others, by ignoring the urgent warnings of virtually all climate scientists, who are saying we must act now in order to avert the worst impacts of outdated energy and climate policies.  Yet this is what we see happening in Washington.  Americans need a wake up call now!  President Obama needs the political support of properly informed and aware citizens.

How can I help?

You can help by joining or starting a Go The Limit action.  Spread the word to your concerned friends and associates.  Unlike many other forms of non-violent direct action, a relatively small group of concerned citizens (as few as two or three) can have a visible impact that is difficult for uninformed citizens, the media, and our elected officials to ignore.  You can also help by contacting your legislators and asking for their support of government policies that make the good, renewable energy sources the economical ones, through the proper implementation of government incentives.  Finally you can contact President Obama to ask him to educate and lead on energy and climate issues. See our "Get Involved!" section of the web site for more specifics on how you can join the action and make a difference.  You can leave a comment for President Obama at 202-456-1111.