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We are a group of citizens concerned about US fossil-fuel-focused energy policies and the resulting undesirable, manmade climate change. We want to provide proactive citizen political support to President Obama, encouraging him to educate and lead millions of misinformed Americans on energy and climate change issues, as soon as possible.

As a secondary issue, we are also concerned by the fact that the speeds driven on our major highways are often 75 MPH or greater, regardless of the posted speed limit. These speeds are illegal, they are more dangerous in the event of a crash, and they also reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 28 percent, for a car going 75 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.

We are drawing attention to our cause by driving, ideally together, at or near the speed limit, in a safe and courteous manner. Because of the fuel saved by cars slowed, we expect our overall action to be carbon neutral, with the fuel savings of the slowed cars more than offsetting the fuel used by any lead cars.